Confronting Implicit Biases for Equitable Care



As a globally recognized speaker and health educator, I've dedicated my life to enhancing Black Women's Health by helping healthcare providers identify and address implicit biases in their practice. My empathetic, transformative, and inclusive approach has made me a beacon of change in the healthcare industry.

In this keynote address, I'll share my insights and experiences from my eight-year journey of addressing implicit biases in healthcare. I'll guide you through recognizing these biases and provide practical strategies to address them, enabling you to deliver equitable care to all patients, regardless of their race or background.

My expertise has been sought after worldwide, and my insights have been featured on numerous platforms, including the AIP Certified Coach Summit and various podcasts. My dedication to my field has earned me several accolades and certifications, making me a trusted authority in diversity and inclusion in healthcare.

Join me in my mission to transform the healthcare industry. Be part of the change towards a more inclusive and equitable healthcare system.

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My Journey Toward Equitable Care



Picture this: A few months shy of the world being disrupted by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself in my optometrist's stark, impersonal room. My heart echoed my frustration and confusion. Peculiar symptoms haunted me—my vision blurred without warning, and my focus drifted. Despite diligent eye check-ups and a proactive stance towards my health, something was wrong.

Like many patients, I often found myself silent and compliant in the doctor's office, adhering to instructions even when my intuition suggested something wasn't right. This was particularly evident during a routine eye test. I was instructed to look into a machine, hold my head still, and click a button whenever I saw a blinking light. Despite waiting for over thirty seconds, I saw nothing. Assuming I was not following instructions, the optometrist reminded me to click the button when I saw the light. Knowing I hadn’t and wouldn’t see a blinking light, I pressed the button randomly whenever I thought I saw something move on the screen.

After the test, I was sent to get X-rays and order new eyeglasses before heading to work. However, within an hour at work, I received a call from my optometrist. He had discovered inflammation in the back of my eye from the X-ray results. He confessed that he had assumed I wasn't following instructions during the test. His bias had clouded his judgment, and it nearly resulted in severe consequences for me.

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But, thank goodness a referral changed it all.



Concerned that the inflammation was a symptom of a much more severe issue, he referred me to an ophthalmologist and rheumatologist who finally provided a diagnosis - rheumatoid arthritis and Sjögren's syndrome. Now, I had a name to put to the odd symptoms that I’d been experiencing during the past year. I also now had a healthcare team that was not only committed to diagnosing my condition but also managing my symptoms moving forward. This not only transformed my health but also my understanding of the power of confronting and addressing biases.

I now understand that addressing implicit biases is the foundation of delivering equitable care, which has become the cornerstone of my mission: equipping healthcare providers to offer superior care to their patients. It's not just about diagnosing symptoms; it's about comprehending the individual behind those symptoms. Healthcare providers can deliver more personalized and effective care by addressing their implicit biases. This leads to improved health outcomes for their patients and solidifies their relationships with them.

Ultimately, it lays the groundwork for a more inclusive and equitable healthcare system, where every patient rightfully receives the care they deserve regardless of race or background. I invite healthcare providers to undertake this transformation, starting with booking me for a keynote!

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