Hey, I'm Tomesha!

A healthcare advocate and educator.


I'm deeply committed to transforming healthcare for Black women. My journey in this field began not as a professional but as a patient. Through personal experiences of racial discrimination and bias in healthcare, I was awakened to the unique and often overlooked challenges that Black women face within our healthcare system.

These experiences sparked a pursuit for understanding, leading me through graduate school and international health work. Here, I was confronted with the stark disparities that contribute to adverse health outcomes for Black women. This transformative journey has not only reshaped my coaching approach but also ignited a passion within me to raise awareness about the unique health needs of Black women and advocate for more equitable care.

So, join me as we work together to revolutionize healthcare for Black women. Subscribe to my Substack for more insights, and join me in this important mission.

My Signature Product


The Digital Health Hustle Content Calendar


This meticulously crafted Google Sheets tool is custom-made for healthcare providers like you who are eager to streamline their content creation process.

As forward-thinking professionals, I know you want to plan, reduce last-minute stress, stay updated on health awareness dates, collaborate seamlessly with your team, and have access to many ready-to-use post ideas. This tool allows you to do all of that and more. You can customize the calendar to reflect your unique brand voice, enhancing your content management efficiency and ensuring your voice resonates consistently across all content.

So, are you ready to contribute to a transformative shift in healthcare provision? Click the link below to grab your copy of The Digital Health Hustle Content Calendar and revolutionize your content creation process.


Come and Learn


The Keynote Address


I tailor my keynotes for dedicated professionals who want to gain knowledge, be inspired, and acquire tools that promote culturally sensitive and inclusive care. Through attending my keynotes, healthcare providers will enhance their professional skills, enabling them to create positive change in their practice. 

Click the link below to learn more about The Keynote Address.


Join Me in Collaboration


Brand Collaboration


This is a unique opportunity for brands like yours that are passionate about joining forces and leveraging our combined strengths. This strategic alliance is custom-made for businesses aiming to engage with our dedicated audience, boost their brand visibility, and create impactful content that resonates with both our communities.

Through Brand Collaboration, you'll expand your market reach and foster a community of loyal customers who value the transformative impact of this collaboration. This is more than just increasing visibility - creating a meaningful connection with a community that values your contribution.

So, are you ready to contribute to a revolution in healthcare provision? Click the link below to learn more about Brand Collaboration and how it can increase your market reach and customer engagement.




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