Hey Love, I'm Tomesha!

A healthcare advocate and educator.


I'm dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare for Black women. My journey began with a personal health revelation – the realization that health challenges, particularly for Black women, extend beyond conventional solutions. Fueled by my struggles with autoimmune conditions and a weight-centric model of care, I discovered the overlooked barriers to equitable healthcare for Black women.

My pursuit of understanding led me through graduate studies and international health work, unveiling the disparities contributing to adverse health outcomes. This transformative experience reshaped my coaching style, compelling me to raise awareness about Black women's unique challenges and advocate for a tailored approach to care.

"Despite resistance, my advocacy found a platform through podcasts, panels, and private training sessions, solidifying the need for change."


Out of this realization, Enhance Black Women’s Health was born. My mission is clear: work with healthcare providers to offer education that promotes equitable and effective care and guides them toward transformative practices.

Join us in revolutionizing healthcare. Book me for future engagements, and together, let's ensure every Black woman receives the care she deserves.

xoxo, Tomesha

I do it because I believe in equitable healthcare...


I Believe in the Power of Empathy and Education!


My big WHY is rooted in my mission to teach and improve healthcare for Black women. I work closely with healthcare providers, offering education to promote equitable and effective care and guiding them toward transformative practices.

This is not just a business for me; it's a calling. It's about making a real difference, challenging the status quo, and advocating for change. It's about ensuring every Black woman receives the care she deserves.

Join me in this mission. Together, we can revolutionize healthcare.



"My mission is to teach and improve healthcare for Black women by fostering learning, empathy, and partnerships."

My Signature Product


The Digital Health Hustle Content Calendar


The Digital Health Hustle Content Calendar is a meticulously crafted Google Sheets tool specifically designed for healthcare providers looking to streamline their content creation process. Developed through years of experience and a deep understanding of the needs of healthcare providers, this tool is perfect for forward-thinking professionals who want to plan ahead, reduce last-minute stress, stay aware of health awareness dates, seamlessly collaborate with their team, access pre-populated post ideas, and customize the calendar to reflect their unique brand voice.

This content calendar enhances providers' content management efficiency. But that's just the beginning. With this content calendar, providers ensure their brand voice resonates consistently across all content, creating a cohesive and compelling brand narrative.

Click the link below to grab your copy of The Digital Health Hustle Content Calendar and revolutionize your content creation process.


Come and Learn


The Keynote Address


I tailor my keynotes for dedicated professionals who want to gain knowledge, be inspired, and acquire tools that promote culturally sensitive and inclusive care. Through attending my keynotes, healthcare providers will enhance their professional skills, enabling them to create positive change in their practice. 

Click the link below to learn more about The Keynote Address.


Join Me in Collaboration


Brand Collaboration


This is a unique opportunity for brands eager to work with Enhance Black Women's Health and leverage our collective strengths. This strategic alliance is specifically designed for businesses looking to tap into my audience, increase their brand visibility, and create impactful content that resonates with our communities. 

Through Brand Collaboration, businesses will extend their market reach and foster a community of loyal customers who appreciate the value brought by this collaboration. It's not just about increasing visibility, it's about creating a meaningful connection with a community that values your contribution.

Click the link below to learn more about Brand Collaboration and how it can increase your market reach and customer engagement.



Looking to transform healthcare for Black women?! I've got you covered.