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Welcome to Enhance Black Women's Health, a dedicated platform that empowers healthcare providers with the knowledge and tools to tackle the unique health challenges Black women face. My mission is to ensure the delivery of culturally sensitive and inclusive care that enhances healthcare provision. Dive in to discover how I'm making a difference.




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Hey there, I'm Tomesha Campbell!


With over seven years of experience in the healthcare industry, I've dedicated my career to enhancing healthcare for Black women.  I work with healthcare providers to foster learning, empathy, and partnerships that promote equitable and effective care.

I hold certifications as a Fitness Nutrition Coach, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach, and AIP Certified Coach, all contributing to my unwavering commitment to ensuring every Black woman receives the care she rightfully deserves.


Empower Your Practice


Keynote Address


If you want to enhance your professional skills and create positive change in your practice, you're in the right place. My Keynote Address offers knowledge, inspiration, and practical tools that promote culturally sensitive and inclusive care. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights and actionable steps to improve the health and well-being of Black women.



Transform Healthcare for Black Women

We all have a role to play in improving healthcare, and your transformative journey starts today! So, let's begin...

Workshop Session

This private session provides an immersive learning experience designed for healthcare providers committed to improving healthcare for Black women. You'll enhance your professional skills and be guided towards transformative practices that make a real, tangible difference in the lives of Black women.

It's a natural progression for dedicated professionals seeking to deepen their impact.


Brand Collaboration

For brands eager to tap into my audience and increase their visibility, my collaborative initiatives are designed to leverage our collective strengths, create impactful content, and resonate with both our communities.

Through Brand Collaboration, you'll extend your market reach and foster a community of loyal customers who appreciate the value brought by this alliance. Let's collaborate and make a difference in healthcare together.



Content Calendar

This meticulously crafted Google Sheets tool is key to planning months, reducing last-minute stress, staying ahead with health awareness dates, and seamlessly collaborating with your team.

With pre-populated post ideas and the ability to customize the calendar to reflect your unique brand voice, this is the tool to ensure your brand voice resonates consistently across all content. Let's grow together and make content creation a breeze!

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Revolutionizing Healthcare


Black Women


As a world-class healthcare educator, I illuminate often unnoticed systemic barriers and provide the knowledge and tools for delivering culturally sensitive, inclusive care.

Whether you're becoming aware of the issues or ready to take actionable steps toward change, this channel offers valuable insights for every provider. You'll learn, be moved, and finish each episode motivated to make a real difference.



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